List Of Void agreements Under The Indian contract Act, 1872


According to section 2(g) of the Indian contract Act, 1872. ‘A void agreement is one which is not enforceable by law’. A void agreement does not create any legal right (or) obligation. It is void-ab-initio (i.e.., void of into right from the beginning).

The following agreements have been expressly declared to void by the contract act:-

1. Agreements by incompetent parties. (Section 11)

2. Agreements made under a mutual mistake of facts. (Section 20)

3. Agreements in which the consideration (or) object is unlawful. (Section 23)

4. Agreements in which the consideration (or) object is unlawful in part. (Section 24)

5. Agreements made without consideration. (Section 25)

6. Agreements in restraint of marriage. (Section 26)

7. Agreements in restraint of trade. (section 27)

8. Agreements in restraint of legal proceedings. (section 28)

9. Agreement in which the meaning is uncertain. (section 29)

10. Agreements by way of the wager. (section 30)

11. Agreements contingent on impossible events. (section 36)

12. Agreements to do impossible Acts. (section 56)

13. In the case of reciprocal promises to do things legal and also other things illegal. The second set (illegal) of reciprocal promises is a void agreement. (section 57 )

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