Delhi Riots Were Pre-planned conspiracy to disturb law & order: Delhi High Court


The Delhi high court on Monday refused to grant bail to an accused in a case concerning the northeast Delhi riots of 2020.

"The February 2020 riots were a conspiracy, planned and executed. They evidently did not take place in a spur of the moment," the Delhi High Court said in strong remarks on the three-day violence that leftover 50 dead and 200 injured.

Justice Subramonium Prasad, while dealing with a bail application moved by one in the case concerning the alleged murder of Delhi Police head constable observed that there was a systematic disconnection and destruction of the CCTV cameras in areas near the place of the incident and "innumerable rioters ruthlessly descended with sticks, dandas, bats, etc. upon a hopelessly outnumbered cohort of police officials".

The court said in the video footage submitted by the prosecution, it was clear from the conduct of the protesters that the riots were a planned attempt to disrupt normal life and the functioning of the government.

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