Why is this constitutional amendment also known as India's "Mini Constitution"?


The constitutional amendment that is also known as the "Mini Constitution" of India is the 42nd Amendment, passed in 1976 during the period of emergency. It is called the Mini Constitution because it brought about extensive changes to the Indian Constitution, amending many different parts of the document.

The 42nd Amendment Act made several significant changes to the Constitution, including the addition of fundamental duties for citizens, the deletion of the Right to Property as a fundamental right, the expansion of the Directive Principles of State Policy, the increase in the power of the Prime Minister and the Executive, and the curtailment of the power of the Supreme Court and High Courts. It was a controversial amendment as it was passed during a period of emergency rule and was seen by some as an attempt to consolidate power in the hands of the ruling party.

Overall, the 42nd Amendment is considered a significant moment in India's constitutional history and is known as the "Mini Constitution" because of the sweeping changes it brought about to the Indian Constitution.

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