Characteristics of legal rights under the law of jurisprudence


Rights are defined as interests protected by moral or legal rules. But yet rights are different from interests. Interests are things that are to a man's advantage.

According to Salmond, every legal right has the following basic characteristics:

1. It is vested in a person, that person may be called the owner of it, or the subject of it. i.e, the person entitled. 

2. It avails against a person. It is on that other person that a corresponding duty is imposed. That person may be called the person bound, or as the person of incidence.

3. Right obliges the person bound, to an act or omission in favour of the person entitled. This is the content of the right

4. The act or omission relates to a thing. It is called the object or subject matter of the right.

5. Every legal right has a title. This means certain facts or events by reason of which the right has become vested in the owner

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