Is There a Legal Minimum Age for Marriage in India for Girls and Boys in 2023?


The legal minimum marriage age in India for both girls and boys in 2023 is 21 years old. This applies to all communities and religions across the country.

This change came into effect through the Prohibition of Child Marriage (Amendment) Act, 2021, which was notified on April 21, 2023. Previously, the legal minimum age for marriage was 18 for girls and 21 for boys.

Therefore, any marriage involving individuals below 21 years of age is considered a child marriage and is illegal in India. Both parties involved, along with their parents or guardians, can face legal consequences if a child marriage is solemnized or attempted.

Here are some additional points to remember:

  • The law applies to all types of marriages, including religious, civil, and customary marriages.
  • There are no exceptions to the minimum age requirement.
  • The government is still in the process of implementing the law and creating awareness about the changes.

It's important to note that while the law has changed, social attitudes towards child marriage might take time to shift. It's crucial to continue promoting awareness and education about the harmful consequences of child marriage to ensure the successful implementation of this legislation.

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