What is the Purpose of Form 24 under the Motor Vehicle Registration Act?


There are two different Form 24s used under the Motor Vehicle Registration Act in India, each serving a distinct purpose:

1. Form 24 for Transfer of Ownership:

This form is primarily used to notify the registering authority about the sale of a motor vehicle and to transfer the ownership to the buyer. It's essential when purchasing a used vehicle and ensures the legal transfer of registration and responsibility.

2. Form 24 for Alteration of Vehicle:

This form is used when you want to make significant changes to your vehicle. This could include:

  • Changing the engine or chassis
  • Converting the vehicle from one type to another (e.g., petrol to CNG)
  • Adding or removing axles or trailers
  • Making major structural modifications

Using Form 24 for alterations helps ensure the modified vehicle complies with safety regulations and maintains its roadworthiness.

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