What are the laws surrounding cell phone signal boosters in India?


The use of cell phone signal amplifiers, also known as repeaters or boosters, is illegal in India. This is because these devices can interfere with the signals of other cell phone networks, causing call drops and slower data speeds. Additionally, they can operate on frequencies that are not authorized for use in India, potentially disrupting other critical communication services.

The Indian government's Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has implemented strict regulations regarding the sale, possession, and use of cell phone signal amplifiers. Under these regulations, it is an offense to:

  • Import, manufacture, or possess cell phone signal amplifiers without a valid license from the DoT.

  • Sell or distribute cell phone signal amplifiers to unauthorized individuals or entities.

  • Use cell phone signal amplifiers in areas where they may interfere with other cell phone networks or critical communication services.

The penalties for violating these regulations can be severe, including imprisonment and fines. The DoT has also issued warnings to e-commerce platforms and online retailers against selling cell phone signal amplifiers, and has taken action against those found to be in violation of the regulations.

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