Step-by-Step: Filing a Complaint in the Consumer Court in India


Here are the steps on how to file a complaint in Consumer Court in India:

  1. Identify the appropriate forum. There are three levels of consumer forums in India: the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum (DCDRF), the State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (SCDRC), and the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC). The forum you file your complaint with will depend on the value of the claim and the location of the opposite party.
  2. Draft the complaint. The complaint should be in writing and should include the following information:
    • Your name, address, and contact information.
    • The name, address, and contact information of the opposite party.
    • A brief description of the goods or services that you purchased or availed of.
    • The details of the defect or deficiency in the goods or services.
    • The amount of compensation that you are seeking.
  3. Serve the complaint on the opposite party. The complaint must be served on the opposite party in person or by registered post with acknowledgement due.
  4. Pay the court fee. The amount of court fee that you need to pay will depend on the value of the claim.
  5. File the complaint with the forum. The complaint can be filed in person or by post.

Here are some additional tips for filing a complaint in Consumer Court in India:

  • It is important to gather all of the relevant evidence before you file your complaint. This evidence may include receipts, warranties, photographs, and witness statements.
  • If you are not sure how to draft your complaint, you can consult with a lawyer.
  • You can also file your complaint online through the National Consumer Helpline website.

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