5 Key Points Explaining the Legality of Dream11 in India


Dream11's legality in India stems from its classification as a "game of skill" rather than gambling. This distinction is based on several factors:

1. Preponderance of skill: Fantasy sports, like those offered by Dream11, require a significant amount of skill and knowledge to succeed. Users must possess a deep understanding of the sport, individual players, and their past performances to create winning teams. This element of skill distinguishes it from pure gambling, which solely relies on chance.

2. User control and decision-making: Participants in fantasy sports have complete control over their team selection and strategy. They are not passive players relying on luck. This element of user control further strengthens the argument for classifying Dream11 as a game of skill.

3. Legal precedents: Indian courts have recognized fantasy sports as games of skill in several landmark cases. In 2017, the Punjab & Haryana High Court ruled that Dream11 is not gambling but a game of skill, drawing a clear distinction between the two. This ruling has been upheld by subsequent judgments, solidifying Dream11's legal status in India.

4. Regulations and self-governance: The industry has established self-regulatory bodies like the Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports (FIFS) to ensure responsible and transparent practices. These bodies implement strict rules and regulations to prevent misuse and protect users.

5. Government recognition: The Indian government has also recognized the skill-based nature of fantasy sports. In 2020, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting exempted fantasy sports platforms from advertising restrictions imposed on online gambling platforms.

However, it's important to note that Dream11's legality can vary across different states in India. Some states have specific laws governing online gaming and gambling, which may require additional approvals or restrictions. Therefore, it's advisable to check the specific regulations in your state before participating in fantasy sports.

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